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The Dickens Victorian Village project has been made possible by a vision embraced by all levels of the local community.
Thank you for the 1,000 hours of volunteer service logged each season!

The need for volunteer services is constant and ever changing for such an exciting and growing project of this magnitude.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping support this wonderful community effort, please consider one of the many ways you can contribute: 

Project volunteers are needed to fill a variety of specialized needs. Information is below. If you are interested, please contact the project chair listed or  info@DickensVictorianVillage.com.
Thank you!

• Creative Team
   Co-chairs: Cindy Arent, 740-439-4582 or ctuscan@roadrunner.com, Sharon Bachna and Lindy Thaxton
   Repair and refresh the mannequins during the off season.

• Move Out Day
   Chair: Andy White, 740-432-2088
   On the Sunday prior to November 1, the mannequins move from their creative housing to their seasonal  homes on Wheeling Avenue.

• Move Back In Day
   Chair: Andy White, 740-432-2088
   The mannequins move from Wheeling Avenue to their creative housing (Dickens Universal).

• Dickens Welcome Center and Curiosity Shoppe
   Buyer, merchandiser and store manager: Julie Davey, 740-584-6933 or davey@ohio.edu
   Volunteer Coordinator: Harriette Orr, 740.680.0714 or dhorr@roadrunner.com

   Stock, work at and operate the Dickens Welcome Center and Curiosity Shoppe.

• Heritage Decorations
   Co-chairs: Sue Cowden, 740-432-3255 or sue_cowden@live.com and Ron VanWey
   Order and install decorations throughout downtown.

• Gingerbread House Contest
   Chair: Shon Gress, Guernsey County Senior Center, 740-439-6681
   Manage gingerbread house contest entries and display.

• Holiday Tavern Tasting
   Chair: Julie Davey, 740-584-5933 or davey@ohio.edu

• Great Expectations Chocolate Walk
   Chair: Pam McCauley, 740-439-7601 or pam.mccauley@pebo.com

• Finance
   Chair: Pam McCauley, 740-439-7601 or pam.mccauley@pebo.com

   Apply for grant money from multiple organizations for various Dickens projects

• Ambassador Program
   Co-Chairs:  info@DickensVictorianVillage.com
Outgoing individuals who would like to help at the Dickens Welcome Center and also meet and greet motorcoach groups to provide interesting facts about our project and the area. Ambassadors will be provided with costumes and training. A flexible schedule is helpful.

• Marketing & Advertising
Co-Chairs: info@DickensVictorianVillage.com
Need for a creative writer who can write an e-newsletter, using a template, c
ommunicate interesting and up-to-date information and announcements to potential visitors, community members, and interested people who register for the newsletter from our website. Computer and internet experience is required.

 The Educational Side of Dickens

   Chair:Janice Bennett, 740.680.3338

   Educational tours for student field trips.