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The Dickens Victorian Village project has been made possible by a vision embraced by all levels of the local community.
Thank you for the 1,000 hours of volunteer service logged each season!

The need for volunteer services is constant and ever changing for such an exciting and growing project of this magnitude.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping support this wonderful community effort, please consider one of the many ways you can contribute: 

Volunteers are needed to fill a variety of specialized needs. If you are interested, please contact info@DickensVictorianVillage.com.
Thank you!

The Creative Team

A group of creative volunteers work year round on the Dickens Victorian Village mannequins.  During the season when the scenes are on the street, they repair any damage that occurs from the wind or inclement weather. Once the displays are moved to the warehouse (Dickens Universal) in January, these volunteers evaluate the condition of each character to see what needs replaced or repaired. Meanwhile, the Costume Design Team combs thrift stores throughout Ohio, while other members of the team are busy creating new faces, sewing skirts, capes, specialty costumes, designing new hats and making hands.  Work on the displays continues at Dickens Universal from March through October with approximately 20 hours spent on each mannequin. Additional hours are required for building and repairing the mannequin frames and platforms. All of the Dickens Victorian Village characters are restored each season. 

The Dickens Ambassadors:

Charged with welcoming visitors and helping them to create memories, these special Dickens volunteers work in the Dickens Welcome Center, meet and greet tour groups, provide guide service to our motorcoach visitors and dress in costume to stroll the streets during the ten week Victorian celebration.

Bus Tours and Marketing  Bev Kerr

2017 Board of Directors

Founder and Honorary lifetime member
Bob Ley

President Ann Jones

Past President Tommy Davey

Vice President Julie Davey

Treasurer Pam McCauley
Peoples Bank

Secretary Brenda Hayes

Volunteer coordinator Harriette Orr


Creative Team Co-Chair Cindy Arent 

Creative Team Co-Chair Lindy Thaxton

Bus Tours and Marketing  Bev Kerr

Ex-Officio Members: Debbie Robinson
Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors & Convention Bureau

Donna Hill
Cambridge Main Street