Donate Materials

The Creative Team is in need of the following items:

NEW FOR 2015 Pearlies

A Pearly King and a Pearly Queen wear mother of pearl buttons on their suits and dresses (many are handed down from generation to generation) and today raise money for many charities and helping others

Henry Croft (1862 to 1930) the founder of the organisation was born in 1862 and was raised in a Victorian workhouse orphanage in Charles Street, Somerstown, St, Pancras, London. At the age of thirteen he left the orphanage and became a road sweeper and rat catcher. Henry soon felt at home in his new position and became akin to the Costermongers (apple sellers) in their “flash boy outfits,” on the stalls in the markets. 

The clothes the Costers wore were decorated with a row of pearl buttons each the size of a penny down the outside leg seam of their trousers from the ankle to the  knee, the pocket flaps on their waistcoats and the front of their caps would be decorated in a similar fashion.

Paper towels
Hand cart or dolley
Tread, black, white or any color
Bubble wrap
Plastic grocery bags
Plastic drop cloths
Old sheets
Carpet padding
Needle nose pliers
Reciprocating saw
Outdoor extension cords 
Safety pins
Boys suit jackets
Boys slacks
Boys flannel shirts
White aprons
Permanent sharpie markers
Wool or upholstery fabric
Wool gloves
Felt hats
Small purses
Costume jewelry
Large umbrellas
Men’s dark wool coats
Men’s white dress shirts
Wool scarfs
Women’s dress gloves
Women’s long sleeve blouses
Golf caps (Tam o’ Shanter cap) 

Pearl and White buttons

To donate items, please contact Cindy Arent, 740-439-4582. or
Donations can be dropped off at Bob Ley’s office at City Hall.

Looking for walking entries for the Queens Parade- Contact Tom Davey, 740-584-0857 or

Thank You

The Dickens Victorian Village committee would like to express sincere gratitude to the numerous community members who donate clothing and materials for the mannequins, and thousands of hours of time to make this project a success!.

It would be nearly impossible to make our list comprehensive, but we recognize that your donations have helped make this project become a reality.

Thank you!