About Dickens Victorian Village

Celebrating our 17th Season!

Take a trip back in time and experience old world England as historic downtown Cambridge, Ohio is charmingly transformed into a Dickens Victorian Village each holiday season. From November through December each year, visitors are invited to stroll amidst over 92 scenes of 180 lifelike figures representing classic scenes from the Victorian era.

This innovative public art exhibition is enjoyed by families, couples, and groups alike - an experience that engages the senses as you explore the charming streetscape, striking historic architecture, and eclectic shops and eateries of Cambridge.

The Dickens scenes are stationed along Wheeling Avenue at each antique lamppost and bench, between 6th and 11th Streets, in windows on street level, and in second story windows. Wheeling Avenue is also the historic National Road/Route 40, and features an outstanding streetscape of original buildings from the 1800s. The Dickens Victorian Village scenes are comprised of life sized and hand-made mannequins wearing real vintage clothing. The faces for each character are individually sculpted and painted by local artists.

The displays include engaging depictions of classic Dickens-era scenes and figures such as Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, the town crier, groups of carolers, a bucket brigade, lamplighters, school children, street peddlers, and Father Christmas, all posed in active scenes that appear frozen in time.

The Dickens website and social media pages allow us to keep in touch with the individuals who support our efforts to impact our local community's economy. As our project continues to grow and expand, we encourage visitors and residents alike to share their experiences with their friends, family and associates. Together we have created the "Most Unique Holiday Destination in the Midwest!".